Grooming is an essential part of a cat and dog’s well being. Regular visits to Tails of Idlewild can give your pet a healthier coat, stimulate blood flow and prevent excessive shedding and bad breath. Routine grooming can also help to spot certain skin and paw afflictions before they become serious issues.

The safety and comfort of your four-legged friend is our highest priority while they enjoy their visit to Tail of Idlewild Pet Salon. We take pride in the level of the services we provide, which include:

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Full dog Grooming: includes - Bath, Dry, Hair clip with hand scissored finish, Dremeled Nails, Pads, Ear Plucking and Cleaning, and Sanitary Area.

For a finishing touch we offer cologne, bows, and bandanas.

Cat grooming: includes-Bath, dry, comb out, nails, ears and hair clip.(If needed).

Hand Stripping: We recommend hand stripping or a combination of hand stripping, carding and clipping on the broken coated terriers.

Nail Trims: Dremeled or clipped

 Add on services:

Paw TreatmentGive your dog relief.  With the cold weather, snow, ice and salt your dog needs some extra care for the pads of his/her paws. 
Anal Expression  

Teeth Cleaning Treatment: This is very important for the overall health of the dog. 

Flea shampoo: This kills the fleas and helps prevent further infestation for up to two weeks.

Fleas and Ticks: If we should find evidence of fleas after drop off, it will be under the groomers discretion to perform a flea and tick bath immediately to inhibit an infestation within the salon. An additional fee will be imposed.

Please note 

Prices may very based on the breed, condition and thickness of coat. De-matting, undercoat removal and extra brushing fees may apply. Special handling fee may be added for behavior issues or extensive breed specific styling. 

Aggressive dogs and/or cats that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them will be charged at a higher rate. Tails of Idlewild reserves the right to refuse a dog or cat that presents a risk of injury to itself or staff.